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Carlsbad, California is a beautiful seaside resort city many Californians are lucky to call home. It is an excellent combination of family adventure and coastal relaxation. Locals like to refer to it as “The Village by the Sea” and I couldn’t think of a better name for this city.

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Carlsbad is located right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, about 87 miles south of the lights, camera, and action of Los Angeles and 35 miles north of laid-back downtown San Diego. The city is now home to over 112,000 people, and it continues to grow. The weather in Carlsbad can be referred to as Semi-Arid-Mediterranean, with 263 sunny days on average and only 10 inches of rain per year. The ocean moderated weather stays mellow with July highs averaging out at 72 and January lows at 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Carlsbad Coaster
Carlsbad was originally a whistle stop on the California Southern Railroad until a man by the name of John Frazier moved into town during the late 1800s. Frazier dug up a fresh-water well near his property, and generously offered this water to thirsty locomotives passing through. As he continued to dig, he sank another well, producing water that was very similar in mineral content to that of the acclaimed water found in Karlsbad, Bohemia (now Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic). This led to the city’s name, now known as Carlsbad. The site of Frazier’s original well is still preserved to this day at Alt Karlsbad Hanse House on Carlsbad Boulevard, with an art gallery and memorabilia museum located in the basement.

Today, Carlsbad is divided into four sections: northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast. The northwestern region was the first region settled in. It is now home to Carlsbad Village (downtown Carlsbad), Old “Olde” Carlsbad, Hosp Grove, Buena Vista Lagoon, Hedionda Lagoon, and The Barrio.


Carlsbad Village is what I would call an everything destination. If you’re looking for a night out on the town, a bite to eat, a new dress for that special occasion, or just a relaxing spa day, Carlsbad Village is the place to go. Even if you have family or friends visiting and you’re just looking for something to do, you could swing by Cold Stone or Sub Zero for an ice cream and head to the beach. The possibilities are endless.

Carlsbad 8
Olde Carlsbad is located near the beach and is where the oldest homes in the city reside. The first homes built in the early 1900s are located here, and some locals consider this area to be the heart of Carlsbad. Hosp Grove is a hiking trail lined with monumental eucalyptus trees planted long ago for the railroad industry. The wood, however, was not used after discovering that the eucalyptus wood was inferior in comparison to other varieties. The trail remains, for the most part, untouched by development, and is open for recreational use; it’s mostly used for hiking, biking, dog walking, running, and picnicking. The Barrio is a mostly residential area near downtown Carlsbad and Carlsbad Village with an authentic heritage. The majority of the northeastern region is filled with single-family homes and condominiums. The McClellan-Palomar Airport is also located here.

The southwest region lies along the Pacific Ocean, south of the center of Carlsbad. It consists mostly of single-family homes, and is also referred to as Aviara.

La Costa, or the southeast region, has more of a high-end feel to it. It is home to Omni La Costa Resort and Spa, golf courses, million-dollar Carlsbad real estate, and much of the newer master-planned communities. The residents in this region are part of three award-winning school districts: Carlsbad Unified School District, San Marcos Unified School District, and Encinitas Union School District.

The largest district serving Carlsbad is the Carlsbad Unified School District. CUSD oversees two high schools, three middle schools, nine elementary schools, and two alternative schools, accommodating over 11,000 students total. Carlsbad’s great schools city ranking is nine out of ten, with the top rated schools being Carillo Elementary, La Costa Heights Elementary, Aviara Oaks Elementary, and Mission Estancia Elementary. These four schools have been rated ten out of ten by GreatSchools. The Carlsbad Unified School District dates back to 1872 when the original Carlsbad School was built, and now serves not only Carlsbad residents, but San Marcos and Oceanside residents as well. CUSD has become one of the highest-achieving school districts in San Diego county, with many schools classified as Distinguished Schools at both federal and state levels.


San Marcos Unified School District is another one of San Diego’s largest school districts with three alternative schools, two high schools, three middle schools, and eleven elementary schools, serving over 17,000 students. SMUSD has a great amount of Distinguished Schools with fifteen out of the sixteen eligible schools having received the award.


The Encinitas Union School District was founded in 1883 and serves the Rancho La Costa area of south Carlsbad. This district consists of nine elementary schools, serving about 5,400 students. Also serving the La Costa community in Carlsbad is the San Dieguito Union High School District.

When school lets out, Carlsbad has no shortage of activities to keep you, your family, and your friends entertained! The only hard part is having to choose. Carlsbad is home to some of San Diego’s main attractions including, but not limited to: LEGOLAND California Resort, SEA LIFE Aquarium, K1 Speed, and four incredible beaches.

LEGOLAND is a family amusement park geared towards children ages 2-12, but don’t let that hold you back. There are fun things to do for all ages. With over 60 attractions, delicious must-have park food, shopping, and the aquarium right next door, you’re in for a full day(or two, or three)’s worth of fun!

The SEA LIFE Aquarium is located to the left of the LEGOLAND front entrance, and it’s hard to miss with the building’s beautiful decorations. Bring your kids along for about a one to two hour adventure through the educational, hands-on, interactive exploration that is the aquarium.



K1 Speed is open seven days a week for indoor go-kart racing. The track is open for all ages making it perfect for families and friends to enjoy together. The Carlsbad location has a popular Arrive & Drive package allowing you to come in at anytime, without a reservation, to race.

Carlsbad has about a seven-mile stretch of warm beaches with remarkably beautiful sunsets. Carlsbad State Beach, or Tamarack-State Beach, has a four mile trail for jogging and is a popular spot for barbecues. This beach is within walking distance of Carlsbad Village and is an ideal beach for families.

Unlike Tamarack-State Beach, South Carlsbad State Beach is remote with few amenities. There is, however, a camping ground on a cliff-top with a lovely view of the ocean. This beach is ideal for walking and jogging due to the quality of the sand.

Carlsbad Beach GirlSouth Ponto Beach offers plenty of family fun including swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and beach volley ball (bring your own net), and the occasional surfing event. It is also one of the only beaches in the area with access to public restrooms and showers.

Terramar Beach is a choice beach for surfers. Although, you’ll want to note that there’s no access to public restrooms or showers at this beach or within walking distance.

Carlsbad has a rich history and an abundance of things to do. There is no place like it, and the residents and visitors alike are fortunate to be able to experience all that the city has to offer. In addition to everything mentioned, there is so much more to Carlsbad: green golf courses (home to LGPA Kia Classic), extraordinary food (Tip Top Meats, PAON, Bistro West), sensational spas (Omni La Costa), million dollar beach houses, luxury hotels, Project Walk Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center, Carlsbad Village Street Faire, the Museum of Making Music, and so much more! This city is alive, this city is thriving, and this city waits for you.

In June, the zip codes in San Diego with most single family sales

San Diego Homes - A word of encouragement
There’s a lot to smile about when we look at housing statistics for the first half of 2015.  Sales of existing homes jumped 7 percent in June compared to the previous month.  Compared to June of last year, sales of previously owned single-family homes sales are nearly 11 percent higher, and sales of condos/townhomes shot up 20 percent from June of 2014.

Median home prices are also on the rise across the board.  The median single-family home price was up over 4 percent in June ($547,500), compared to May, and the price of condos and townhomes also rose by nearly 2 percent, month over month ($354,000).

Active listings on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) have reached the 7,000 mark.  However, the housing stock remains at about 2.6 months.  (Five to six months is considered a healthy inventory level.)  Also, homes are being scooped  up an an astonishing rate, averaging about 34 days from listing to close of escrow.

June’s market statistics are very encouraging.  Inventory is probably the only factor reining in the market right now.  With so few new homes being built, potential sellers only need to look at these statistics to see that buyers are virtually waiting at their doorstep.

In June, the zip codes in San Diego County with the most single-family sales were:

  • 92057 (Oceanside North) with 74
  • 92056 (Oceanside East) with 69
  • 92028 (Fallbrook) with 67
  • 92127 (Rancho Bernardo West) with 65
  • 92128 (Rancho Bernardo East) with 60

The most expensive listing sold in the county in June was a 5-bedroom, 5-bath, 3,000 square foot oceanfront home in La Jolla, built in 2011, with a sales price of $11.5 million.

We are halfway through 2015, but it is still just intermission at this point of the year.  Forecasting market trends can be difficult, but with interest rates managing to remain low into the summer months, the outlook is very promising.  Metrics like inventory and percent of list price received at sale are two of the better understudies to watch for the remainder of the year.  To read all of the June market reports per zip code, visit San Diego Housing Trends.

Article courtesy of 2015 SDAR Chris Anderson.

Encinitas to test pesticide-free park

Insecticide cited in declining bee population no longer sprayed on city property

Encinitas Parks

Encinitas will pilot a pesticide-free park at the request of residents who have health and environmental concerns.

The Encinitas City Council last week directed staff to bring back a fleshed-out plan for maintaining one of the city’s 19 parks sans pesticides. If the council deems the test program successful, the initiative could move to more or even all city parks.

On a related note, Encinitas Parks and Recreation staff announced the department last September banned neonicotinoid insecticides on city property. Studies have implicated neonicotinoids — commonly sprayed on trees, shrubs and lawns — in the national bee die-off.

The Bee Informed Partnership, made up of universities and laboratories, stated around 5,000 beekeepers reported losing 42.1 percent of their colonies during a 12-month period ending in April. That’s the second highest loss since year-round records started in 2010.

In support of Parks and Recreation eliminating neonicotinoids, the council directed staff to formally include the ban in city documents.

encinitas bees


“I want to shout that from the mountaintop,” said Councilman Tony Kranz of the neonicotinoid ban.

Kranz also cheered city data showing a drop over the last four years in pesticide use in city parks, but added he’d like to see those numbers closer to zero.

Along with the pilot project, the Parks and Recreation Department is developing a new integrated pest management policy that outlines ways to reduce pesticides on city property. The strategy favors the least toxic pest-control methods, and products are applied gingerly to use as little as possible. Typically, integrated pest management also entails hand-weeding, mulching, efficient drainage and other alternatives.

Public speaker Sara Parra urged the council to scrap all pesticides for health reasons, citing a 2010 study from UC Berkeley. It found some children who were exposed to organophosphate pesticides while still in their mother’s womb were more likely to develop attention disorders years later.

Mothers and children who took part in the study are Mexican-Americans living in an agricultural community, so their exposures to organophosphate pesticides is likely higher than the average U.S. population, according to a news release for the study. But the researchers also pointed out this type of pesticide is widely used, saying the results warrant precautionary measures.


Parra added the city’s existing policy discourages pesticides, but city landscaping contracts contradict this language by allowing them.

“How will things be different this time around?” Parra asked, referring to the new integrated pest management program.

Jason La Riva, park and beach superintendent, said the city has been moving away from strong chemicals and plans to continue. He noted a decline in pesticide, herbicide and fungicide use in Encinitas parks and beaches, with 505 applications in 2012, 418 in 2013, 274 in 2014 and 129 so far this year.


The city last fiscal year spent $162,144 on pest management at city parks and facilities, and $104,433 in the current fiscal year that ends this month, according to a rough city estimate. Switching to a chemical-free pest plan on city properties could be 80 to 100 percent more expensive annually, city staff stated.

That’s largely because a non-chemical approach would demand spraying more often, said Lisa Rudloff, parks and recreation director.

Councilwoman Lisa Shaffer, who put forward the idea of a pilot project, suggested also putting up signs at the selected park to explain the city is going without pesticides. That way, the city could get feedback on the initiative.

Shaffer added the city doesn’t have the legal basis to prohibit pesticides on private property, though it could set a good example for residents and homeowners associations.

A beekeeper by trade and hobbyist, public speaker James McDonald applauded the city for banning neonicotinoids on city property. He also stated that Seattle has maintained 14 of its parks since 2001 without pesticides, encouraging Encinitas to follow suit.

“Last I checked, Seattle hasn’t blown off the map or been consumed by a plague of locusts,” McDonald said.

Staff’s plan, which will go back to council at an undetermined date, will include a start date and time span for the pilot project.

Article Courtesy of Encinitas Advocate, Writer Jarod Whitlock

Want to rent Shaun White’s Encinitas home?

encinitas home for rent shaun white 1

Olympic and X Games gold medalist Shaun White has listed his oceanfront home in Encinitas for lease at $12,500 a month — offering a glimpse inside the newly renovated residence that the professional snowboarder, skateboarder and entrepreneur purchased in 2012.

White, whose real estate portfolio extends from Utah down through the Southland, paid $3.85 million for the two-story contemporary, which sits on a bluff with private access to the popular beach spot.

The 3,500 square feet of polished interiors features dark wood floors, wrought iron chandeliers and bi-folding doors that give way to unobstructed ocean views. Smart home features, wireless speakers and a modernized kitchen with marble countertops and large center island are among the updates.

The master suite sports a free-standing soaking tub and a glass-enclosed rain shower for four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Outdoors, a step-down deck with a vanishing-edge spa extends off of the main level, while a private staircase leads down to the beach below. A courtyard set beneath tall palms marks the entrance to the home.

La Jolla-based Glassman & Associates have the listing, which was first spotted by Redfin.

White, 28, is known for his aerial snowboarding stunts and has won two gold medals at the Winter Olympics and holds the record for the most medals at the Winter X Games. As a skateboarder, he has twice won gold at the X Games.

More recently, the San Diego native brought snow to the Rose Bowl in February for the debut of Air + Style, an extreme sports, arts and music festival for which he is a majority owner.

Article Courtesy of Neal J. Leitereg

Encinitas Homes On Beach for Rent - Shaun White


Finding SoCal Vibe in Carlsbad, CA

Why I Live In Carlsbad

The Carlsbad experience is as simple as waking up one morning to enjoy a run along scenic California Highway 1 as surfers ride their bikes to the beach to catch a few waves before work in nearby San Diego.

It’s also walking from the front door of the hotel a few days later to a private entrance to Legoland, avoiding the lines of school groups waiting to get into the front entrance of the all-things-Lego amusement park.

Sunsets over the Pacific Ocean next to a fire pit while enjoying a plate of fish tacos and a beer from some 200 local breweries comes in both instances.

Carlsbad, Calif., is a world away in a laidback Southern California vibe, but easily in the center of all the action with San Diego to the south and Anaheim’s Disneyland about an hour to the north.

Our Carlsbad experience started at the Cape Rey Carlsbad, a Hilton Resort built in 2012 just across from the Pacific Ocean in a peaceful residential stretch of California Highway 1 lined with beautiful homes looking out over the beach. It ended a few miles north at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa, a bit farther inland from the ocean, but still within view of those magnificent Pacific sunsets below and with its own private entrance to Legoland.

A luxury spa property, yes, but there is no pretense at Cape Rey, a 215-room California Craftsman-style property that sits across from Carlsbad State Beach. It’s all SoCal relaxation that takes pride in its position overlooking the Pacific.

Days began with coffee on the balcony watching surfers paddle out, followed by a run and then breakfast in the hotel restaurant, with its own outdoor seating around comfortable fire pits. The heated pool below our room was always calling, providing a comfortable alternative to the chilly surf across the street.

Cape Rey was our beachfront basecamp as we experienced the laidback SoCal vibe before heading north for some amusement park madness.

A few days later we returned to Carlsbad, this time to unwind from our time at Disneyland but also so our son could experience Legoland.

And for a different Carlsbad experience, we spent a few days at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa, in part for its proximity to Legoland but also for its pool that would give us a place to relax at the end of the Lego madness.

For those Legoland fans who want to stay near the park but be removed from it at the end of the day, the 250-room Mediterranean-inspired Sheraton Carlsbad fits the bill. When the park opened in the morning we just slipped in through a private entrance that deposited us in an area of Legoland far from the main gate and its longer ride lines.

I’m not an amusement park person, so this clear separation at the end of the day was welcome and relaxing. Of course a locally brewed IPA while getting muscle relief in the hot tub might have helped, too.

Article Courtesy of Lance Wiedower’s travel site or follow him at @tripsbylance.

Carlsbad Weather

Video: Surf’s up Pooches! It’s Time For Camp

San Diego Dog BeachesSurfing and stand up paddleboarding lessons for dogs begin Saturday, June 20th at Del Mar’s Dog Beach run by Helen Woodward Animal Center.

We wouldn’t dream of leaving out the calmer-sea-inclined canines either!

Classes are scheduled for 8:30 a.m.; 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and noon.

Surf classes run 50 minutes in length and Paddleboarding classes run 70 minutes in length. Each takes place mostly in the water with brief on-land instruction as an intro, so be prepared to get wet. All classes cost $45 with a $10 discount offered off any additional lessons and include the required canine life-vests and surf or paddle boards.

Dogs who take to the waves are encouraged to register for Helen Woodward Animal Center’s 10th Annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon™® presented by Blue Buffalo on Sept. 13th, 2015. All proceeds from the classes and the annual competition go towards the animals and programs at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

For more information, questions or to register, go to or call (858) 756-4117 x 350. You may also stop by Helen Woodward Animal Center at 6461 El Apajo Road, in Rancho Santa Fe.

Article courtesy of Carlsbad Patch.

Dog Beaches in San Diego


Dog Beaches

  • Dog Beach – Ocean Beach
    (24 hr. off leash) – located at the west end of Voltaire St., this off leash dog beach is one of the most popular in San Diego
  • Fiesta island – Mission Bay
    Located in Mission Bay Park, dogs are allowed in all areas except for the Youth Campground and Least Tern nesting sites (seasonal). Daily 6:00 am – 10:00 pm, this area offers calmer waters than the ocean and sand dunes to run on.
  • North Beach Dog Run – Coronado
    (24 hr. off leash) – located on Ocean Blvd. near Sunset Park at the northern end of the beach next to the U.S. Naval Station entrance. Dogs must be leashed until you reach the beach. Foot shower and free dog litter bags at the entrance to the run.
  • Del Mar Dog Beach – Del Mar
    (post-Labor Day thru June 14 off leash) – located at Via De La Valle and Highway 101 at the rivermouth. Off leash area is north of 29th St.

Off Leash Dog Parks & Recreation Areas


  • Grape Street Dog Park – South Park
    This 5-acre, unfenced area is available for off-leash use Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 9:00 pm; Saturday – Sunday and Holidays, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. Located at Grape St. and 28th Street.
  • Morley Field Dog Park – Balboa park
    (24 hr. off leash) – located northwest of the tennis courts at Morley Field.
  • Nate’s Point – Balboa Park
    (24 hr. off leash) – A large, flat, grassy lawn located at Balboa Dr. off El Prado, on the south side of Cabrillo Bridge.

Mission Bay & Beaches

  • Capehart Dog Park – Pacific Beach
    (24-hr. off leash) – Located at the corner of Felspar and Soledad Mountain Road, this one acre park offers two fenced pens, one for small dogs and one for large or all dogs. The park also includes a drinking fountain, picnic tables and benches, and a parking area.
  • Dusty Rhodes Park – Ocean Beach
    (24-hr. off leash) – A 1.5 acre, fenced area located on Sunset Cliffs Blvd. between Nimitz and West Point Loma Blvd. Closed Mondays, 6:00 – 9:00 am for maintenance.

Mission Valley & Old Town

  • Cadman Community Park- Clairemont
    Located at 4280 Avati Drive, the off leash dog park is unfenced and its hours adjust seasonally. No off leash dogs on the 4th of July or Saturday mornings during Little League season.
  • Kearny Mesa Community Park
    Located at 3170 Armstrong Street, this 1 acre park offers one area for all dogs. Parking can be a challenge during the day as the closest parking lot is used by students attending Mesa College.

La Jolla

  • Doyle Recreation Center – La Jolla
    (24-hr. off leash) – Turn south on Cargil Ave from Nobel and turn left on the second street. This one acre park offers two fenced pens, one for small dogs and one for large or all dogs. The park also includes a drinking fountain, picnic tables and benches.

East County

  • Harry Griffen Park La Mesa
    Located at 9550 Milden Street, this neighborhood park has a designated acre for off-leash dogs.
  • Wells Park – El Cajon
    Open daily from 7 am to 9 pm and lighted for night use, the 1.4 acre off leash dog park has gravel and grassy sun areas and dual drinking fountains (for pets and their owners). Located in the southwest part of Wells Park at 1153 E. Madison Ave.

North County Coastal

  • San Diego Humane Society & SPCA Dog Park- Oceanside
    Open daily from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, this park features two off leash dog areas, one for more active dogs and one for less active dogs. There are also restrooms, seating, shade and waste bags, but no lighting.
  • Torrey Highlands Dog Park
    One acre park located on Lansdale Drive off Del Mar Heights Road.

North County Inland

  • Poway Dog Park
    Located in the southwest corner of Poway Community Park at 13094 Bowron Road, there are three fenced-in off leash dog areas. The park is open from sunrise to sunset daily, however, lights in the dog park areas continue until 10:00 pm year-round.
  • Rancho Bernardo Off Leash Dog Park
    San Diego’s newest off leash dog park, this 2.5 acre park at 18448 West Bernardo Drive in Rancho Bernardo offers leash free space adjacent to Rancho Bernardo Community Park, and includes additional parking for dog park users. Open dawn to dusk except for maintenance.
  • Rancho Peñasquitos Dog Park
    Open dawn to dusk, this one acre off leash dog park has separate fenced ares for small and large dogs, plus benches. It is located on Salmon River Road at Fairgrove Lane across from the Rancho Peñasquitos Branch Library.

Carlsbad Transportation Becoming More Important than Ever

While Carlsbad transportation has certainly always been a desirable asset in the past, there’s reason to believe that its role is actually trending up in terms of importance.  A recent article in CityLab highlighted this fact by looking at a very significant group in terms of trends: Millennials. Amongst other things, it found that the ability to travel is becoming more important than ever as this generation looks to pair their dream home with their dream job, which doesn’t always mean the two are located nearby.

The Same Questions, Different Answers

One way the study helped gauge the importance of traveling these days is by asking Millenials similar questions to what their predecessors were. This means finding out where they wanted to live and how much value they placed on making that choice. Amongst other things—which we’ll explore in a moment—the study immediately found that Millenials put a different value on where they live. Furthermore, it would appear the traditional suburban environment is no longer the attractive option it used to be.

Getting up close and personal with Livability in Carlsbad


Paradise. There really isn’t a better word to capture Carlsbad, California, or as the locals like to call it, “the Village by the Sea.”

Located just 90 miles south of Los Angeles in San Diego County, Carlsbad is home to over 100,000 people and many more visitors who make the quaint seaside village their vacation destination every year, for good reason.

First of all, it’s extraordinarily beautiful. The breathtaking views and scenery look as if it’s taken straight from a postcard, and the locals are friendly, accommodating people who go out of their way to make tourists and visitors feel right at home.

Carlsbad is a city on the rise, and recent economic developments and infrastructure improvements have made this village the “go to” spot for travelers and anyone looking for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Simply put, Carlsbad has it all. Luxury resorts, fine dining and numerous entertainment options are available on every corner and in every quadrant of the city.

Designed to enhance the community and improve traffic flow, livable streets have been welcomed with open arms by locals and visitors alike.

What exactly are livable streets?

The name speaks for itself and it’s exactly as it sounds. Livable streets, also called complete streets, are designed to not only accommodate vehicle travel, but pedestrian and bicycle travel as well.

While many communities design their streets and roadways to accommodate vehicle traffic flow, the village of Carlsbad has gone a step further by designing their streets to accommodate all forms of travel, bicycle and pedestrian included. It’s been a boon not only for the people who call Carlsbad home, but for the business district as well.

Business representatives are reporting increased sales and profits simply because it’s easier for shoppers to get there. Known for the healthy lifestyles of its residents, many shoppers are now walking or cycling to shops and are much more apt to visit a store if they don’t have to take 20 minutes to simply find a parking spot.

Additionally, and even more importantly, the streets are designed with a strong focus on safety for anyone living and visiting in Carlsbad. By designing streets to accommodate not only vehicles, but pedestrians and bicyclists as well, the community has enhanced and enriched the overall Carlsbad experience.

Traffic features such as roundabouts, narrower streets and median aisles have greatly improved the traffic flow by allowing vehicles to continuously flow through intersections. In turn, roadways have been made safer for both vehicles and pedestrians, who are crossing much shorter intersections.

Get to know a community on the rise

Riding bikes in Carlsbad

Ride the Coaster in Carlsbad

Carlsbad Coaster


The COASTER commuter train provides breathtaking coastal scenery as it runs north and south through San Diego County, serving eight stations between Oceanside and downtown San Diego. More than 20 trains run on weekdays, with additional service on the weekends. It takes about an hour to travel the entire COASTER route.  RIDE THE COASTER TO CHARGERS HOME GAMES!


The survey served to reinforce that transportation—especially public transportation options—is as important as ever. Therefore, it also showed that most modern cities that do not invest sufficiently in transportation methods will definitely lose residents in the long run and those who would have otherwise considered the city.

Results from the Study

Of course, there are objective numbers to take a look at too in terms of how the Millenials answered:
• 54% of them said they would consider relocating to another city if it meant having more options for transportation.
• 66% reported that having access to high-quality options for transportation is amongst the top three things they look for in a city.
• Just shy of half of those who owned a car reported that they would think about getting rid of it if other transportation options were available.
• 86% believe it is important for their city to provide opportunities for residents to both live and work without needing a car.

Another version of the survey was added as well, this one looking at a combination of Millenials of Baby Boomers. The results showed that both groups had much in common in terms of their current desires. They both wanted things like:

• Improved options for transportation
• Walkable communities
• Technologically-advanced Cities
• Housing where one can grow old

The US Economy

There was one other interesting tidbit that got brought out from this survey. 68% of the respondents found reported that they though the country’s economy was flawed on a fundamental level. Furthermore, they believe the path to prosperity would be found in building up the nation’s communities on a local level, not by bringing in outside companies. Instead, they recommended putting the focus on the same basic elements that would lead to making places desirable for residents to live in.

While these results are certainly enlightening, what will be done with them by policymakers is yet to be seen. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting from Point A to Point B. By identifying numerous core values, the community of Carlsbad has made that experience easy, enjoyable and safe through the use of livable streets. Come see for yourself and plan your trip to Carlsbad, where nothing but clean air and opportunity await you.

~ Cherie Young ~

One Simple App Gives REALTOR® $13 Million

It goes without saying that San Diego REALTORS® need to leverage every route possible in order to sell as many San Diego homes as possible.  Unlike so many other professions, a REALTORS® check is never guaranteed until they make that next sale. One recent story showed the importance of using as many digital options as possible to ensure no opportunity gets away from you.

Social Media in the Digital Age

Everyone knows about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and other popular forms of social media. However, the truth is that there are too many social media platforms to name these days. Of course, there are only more on the way as well. Nonetheless, as a San Diego real estate agent, you absolutely have to do your best to use as many of these as possible to find prospects, properties and any other opportunities you can get your hands on.

A Recent Example Out of New York

WeChat-app-worldwideWho knows what Ye (Emma) Hao, a New York-based real estate agent with Douglas Elliman, expected when she joined WeChat. It’s a popular social media and messaging app from China, where millions have become accustomed to using it like the rest of us utilize Facebook.

One day, however, she received an unsolicited message from a Chinese citizen. It was an entrepreneur who contacted her because he was interested in the Baccarat Residences condo tower that is currently being built. When it’s done, the beautiful building will sit right across from the famous Museum of Modern Art located in Manhattan.

Being a good real estate agent, Hao was able to recognize this opportunity for what it was and contacted the Baccarat Residences, gathering the information her contact had requested. She then took these answers from the sales center and forwarded them to the entrepreneur. The next day, Hao gave him a phone call and negotiated not one, but two sales.

The first was for a $10.25 million apartment with three rooms located on the 39th floor. He also picked up a one bedroom unit that was on the 21st floor, good for another $3 million.

All in all, she netted $13 million from one contact, two deals, two days of work and two phone calls in all.

Using Apps

Hao has been on WeChat for two years now. Though it’s helped her close seven deals in all, this is obviously the biggest in her career. She was able to use the app to facilitate a confidential group meeting that included the buyer, his attorneys, herself and other relevant parties.

This is a good example of how amazing your results can be when you use today’s technology correctly. Apps are just one version, but it’s a huge one. Had it not been for her WeChat account, Hao may have very well lost the account. The entrepreneur may have decided to take his business to someone else who did use WeChat.

So make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin, but it’s vital that you get as many social media accounts as possible and then leverage them for all they’re worth where your San Diego real estate business is concerned.

~ Cherie Young ~

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Having Attractive Photos for Carlsbad Real Estate Listings

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It should go without saying that you need attractive photos of your Carlsbad real estate for sale. No description of a Carlsbad property can compare to having a color photo that highlights all the best angles of your Carlsbad home. However, in the digital age, this means much more. Consider the following about good pictures and how you can leverage them in a way your competition may not be.

Matching Photos to Homes

For one thing, we will take the best and most flattering photos of your Carlsbad home.  You will want quality photos of all the rooms, and the front and back exterior.  We will take many photos from different angles and lighting.  Your photos will tell a story.  Buyers don’t want to waste their time.  Poorly lit rooms and bad photography can hurt your chances of finding the right Carlsbad home buyer.  I have seen unprofessional photos make the most beautiful home unattractive, even on homes over $1,000,000!

Bad MLS Photos

Are you selling a fun apartment located in downtown San Diego by all the best restaurants? Then you probably want pictures that show the apartment at evening, with the San Diego city lights in the background that suggest to the viewer all the good times they’ll have with this new place.

On the other hand, if you’re selling a San Diego coastal home, you want to show off how it represents stability and smooth sailing.

The Digital Age

As we touched on, photos have never been as important as they are now in the digital age. We market to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram.  Also within Google images and the search engines.  Everyone is more connected than ever before—sometimes with complete strangers—thanks to social media. Amongst other things, this means that you need to think about how your photos will display on these sites. It’s also essential that you consider—and find out—how your photos will display on the apps for these sites. Not all of them will show up the way you assume. That beautiful picture of the apartment with the skyline in the back could be accidentally cropped because you didn’t understand how the app works. Practice makes perfect in this regard.

Stay Focused in the Carlsbad Market

Furthermore, we will highlight reasons to live and play in Carlsbad, the beaches, great schools, things to do. Because social media has such a far reach, you’ll get all kinds of people taking a look at your Carlsbad home. However, most of them will be far from the ideal buyer you’re looking for. They may even express opinions online about your photos.  We stay focused on the market you’re actually going after though: i.e., those who can afford the property and would be a good fit for it and the area.

Everyone else is entitled to their opinion, but you’re not beholden to listening to them.

Doorsteps Swipe

We mentioned the importance technology and someone has already taken this to heart. Thanks to the Doorsteps Swipe app, you can now upload your photos and find customers who then swipe left or right to decide whether or not a property is something they want to look into further. While this app is powerful, it should help you further appreciate why all your photos must be as attractive as possible.  We will also provide you with statistics on how many people have viewed your Carlsbad home online, shared it with others and comments about your Carlsbad house like pricing, and what they liked and did not like.  This is imperative to having a realistic view of the price your home is listed at and any pros and cons.

There’s plenty more that goes into selling a property, of course, but don’t neglect this important information.

~ Cherie Young ~

Essential Staging Advice for your Carlsbad Home

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When it comes to selling a luxury Carlsbad home, there are countless things you must remember to do. However, few of them may be as important as properly staging your Carlsbad house.  This not only helps interest customers in the home, by highlighting its best features, doing so also helps sell them as the buyer has an easier time appreciating why this is where they should be living. So before you open your Carlsbad home to potential buyers, keep the following tips in mind.

Create a Balanced Space

No doubt some of the rooms in your Carlsbad home deserve a little more attention than others. You may be dealing with an especially beautiful kitchen, for example. However, while it’s find that visitors take their time admiring this room, don’t forget that there are others you need to sell them on too. After all, no one buys Carlsbad real estate solely because they want the kitchen that comes with it. Put time into making each one look their best.


Carlsbad Real Estate


Don’t Crowd a Room

However, this isn’t an excuse to add vase after vase to your living room or crowd your bathroom with pictures. Instead, be sure that each room receives the extra help it needs to look its best and nothing more. Crowded rooms make it harder for would-be buyers to see themselves and their families in it and that’s never a good thing.

Remove Reminders of Who Lives There

Furthermore, you need to get rid of family pictures and anything else that identifies your Carlsbad property as uniquely yours. These can be put back later anyway, but right now they only serve to remove the customer from thinking about the home as if they currently lived there. Again, this won’t help matters.


Go Eco-Friendly

Just about everyone these days is trying to find ways to become more eco-friendly. Fortunately, a lot of things that are good for the environment are good for your Carlsbad house and budget as well. Switch to eco-friendly appliances, lights and even paint, if you need to touch up a room.

This is a good idea for a number of reasons. First, it may persuade some people who share your dedication to the environment. Second, it may assuage anyone who has concerns about hazardous forms of paint with high VOCs. Lastly, obviously, if your Carlsbad home has appliances that consume less energy, customers will relax at knowing their utility bill won’t be as much each month.


Make the Master Bedroom Serene

Whether we consciously recognize it or not, we all want bedrooms that provide us with serenity, above all else. Yes, we want fashionable looks and maybe a nice TV, but at the end of the day, we want to be assured that when we lay our heads down, relaxation and calm will be instant.

If your bedroom has strayed from this over the years, now is the time to rehabilitate it. Consider warmer colors, de-cluttering some areas and finding other ways to make the room look as comfortable as possible.

Staging your luxury home in Carlsbad is an essential step toward selling it, so take the above advice seriously and send some time implementing it.

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~ Cherie Young ~