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Does Your Carlsbad Real Estate Business Pitch Work?

Carlsbad Real Estate
At some point or another, we all have to pitch. Marketing your Carlsbad real estate requires expertise and understanding how to effectively sell your Carlsbad home.  You may not own a business or have a product or service that requires investors. You may not even sell products or services where you need to necessarily pitch people in the traditional sense. But think of something as basic as a job interview. Many would consider that a sales pitch in the purest form. Unfortunately, too many of us don’t realize how often we need to pitch in our lives and we end up paying the price.

The Biggest Mistake

Let’s get right to the point with this article, because it turns out that’s a mistake too many people are making with their pitches: it’s not enough to simply put your Carlsbad property on the MLS. Whether you have an hour or a whole day, you really only have a few minutes to make your pitch because if you take too long, your prospective Carlsbad home owners will simply drop out and you’ll lose their attention. So cut to the chase and be upfront about what you’re selling immediately.

Using this Lesson to Sell Your Carlsbad Home

Carlsbad Real Estate

Obviously, selling Carlsbad homes requires a pitch, but too often agents don’t treat it that way. So when you go to sell your next property, be sure you effectively communicate what it is you’re offering, why it’s unique and better than other options and how it will benefit your market. This is where I shine – understanding how to effectively market your Carlsbad property.

Of course, this means you must truly understand your market, inside and out.

Think About Your Marketing Materials


Carlsbad Real Estate Marketing


Carlsbad Real Estate

These example are showpieces that will give your Carlsbad home the best attention!  You can take this a step further as well. Do you have marketing materials that you hope to capture customers with?  I enjoy designing beautiful marketing pieces that are intuitive and reflect the beauty of our North Coastal areas.  They designed to work as a pitch.  We will work together to be sure they are  grabbing the attention of your market right off the bat.

The headline on your materials, for example, is probably the first thing they’ll see and thus your best opportunity to get your point across as quickly as possible. Whatever you do, this is not the time to waste that space on an address—unless it’s an extremely distinguished one on Central Park West or something.

A Good Headline


Here’s an example of a headline that will grab your customer’s attention:

“Private Carlsbad Enclave: Sexiest Home in the City. Priced Accordingly.”

You think that won’t raise an eyebrow or two for all the right reasons? Obviously, it lets them know where the Carlsbad property is located, as this is important. It’s not the full address, but it doesn’t need to be either.

The claim of “sexiest home in the city” is going to grab attention. People are going to want to see if this bold claim holds true. Of course, some people will be turned off, but far more will be turned on.

Telling your potential buyer that the home is “priced accordingly” is a way of showing them value, but also making it clear that people who can’t spend the money, shouldn’t waste your time. That’s a win/win.

Never forget that you’re always pitching your properties. With the above advice by your side, this won’t be a problem.

~ Cherie Young ~

Carlsbad Real Estate – These Cars Need Luxury Garages

Search for Carlsbad Real Estate – As the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover. However, there are times when you can probably tell a lot about a person by certain aspects of their lifestyle. The following five vehicles are a good sign that someone also has a sizable bank account, meaning they should be more than willing to spend the money necessary to secure a luxury Carlsbad home garage to keep their favorite toy safe.


Carlsson Super GT C25

No, that’s not a spaceship you’re looking at. Believe it or not, that’s an actual car you could take on the highway. Of course, you might not see it coming—or going—considering this vehicle can hit 100km an hour in no more than 3.7 seconds. But what else would you expect from a luxury sports car that has 753 horsepower waiting for you under its hood.

If you do see one, though, take a picture. There are only 25 of these coach-built cars out there. If you’re willing to drop another 30,000 Euros, you can also get a matching Smart car in the same color for your special someone.  Carlsson Super GT C25.


Aston Martin


Aston Martin Super Sport

Anyone who owns an Aston Martin should have a corresponding high-class garage to go with it. Considering it costs a whipping $9.6 million just to buy this car, it’s not like money should be much of an object. With this price tag, it’s no wonder that the Super Sport is one of the most expensive cars on the planet.

So what does that kind of money get you? Well, a lightweight carbon fiber body will ensure the 900 horsepower it packs won’t have much trouble pushing it around. It also helps that you’re working with a twin-turbo V8 engine with 5.4 liters to work with.



Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce China Limited Edition

Here’s a vehicle Bruce Wayne would be proud to call his own. This vehicle was made specifically for the Chinese market, which makes sense when you consider all the new millionaires and billionaires who call the fast-rising economic superpower home. Despite how big the country is, you’d have no problem getting around behind the wheel of a vehicle that can rev up to 100 kilometers an hour in only 3.2 seconds. In case that’s not impressive enough, enjoy a speedometer that goes all the way to 342 km/h.

Wiesmann Roadster


Wiesmann Roadster MF5

With only 55 models ever being produced, the MF5 is another rarity anyone would be lucky to drive. Its retro style may make it look old-fashioned, but the 5 liter V10 engine is about as modern as it gets and ensures 507 ponies rocket you to the 100 km/hour mark in 3.9 seconds flat.




Ferrari Enzo

No discussion of uber-luxury cars would be complete without mentioning a Ferrari and the Enzo has always been a favorite amongst automobile connoisseurs. Since 2002, this model has been turning heads for all the right reasons and at an insanely fast speed. That’s because it enjoys a V12 engine matched with F1-style tech. With only 400 ever made, it’s also no wonder that the original $670,000 is more likely to look like a million if you can find one of these bad boys at an auction.

Driving one of these cars without having a luxury garage to put it in just wouldn’t make sense. Aside from their astronomical price tags, they’re also modern day works of art.

~ Cherie Young ~

Encinitas Luxury Real Estate – Rise of the Multinational Lifestyle



Search Encinitas Luxury Real Estate – Despite the rough economy the world has seen over the last few years, there can be little doubt that many are actually getting wealthier than ever before. Better still, the majority of these people are doing so, not because they inherited their money, but because they’ve made it as entrepreneurs. The result is that these people are beginning to pioneer what many have coined the “multinational lifestyle.”

A Recent Survey

In order to explore this topic further, Barclays Wealth Insights teamed up with Ledbury Research to conduct a survey that would shed light on this new phenomenon. They surveyed 2,000 individuals who would be classified as having a high net worth. Each one of them earned this distinction by having over $1.5 million USD or the equivalent amount. 200 of those interviewed also had over $15 million to their name. To ensure a diverse enough selection, individuals were selected from 17 nations across the world, including from North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Of the 2,000 interviewed, over 750 of them identified as being entrepreneurs, meaning they made their own fortune.

After the survey was complete, Joe Dalton and Rob Mitchell of Longitude Research took over by interviewing other important people in the field like professionals, academics and all kinds of experts.

High Mobility

While many trends were identified from the survey, one that was especially prominent was the degree of mobility that was enjoyed by the majority of those who responded. This is where the multinational lifestyle really gets its name from. You have individuals who may own Carlsbad real estate, but also have homes on the East coast or other places across the world. Chances are they also enjoy entrepreneurial opportunities on the same scale. So while it’s certainly a luxury to be able to pick up stakes whenever you like and travel the world, it should also be noted that this kind of mobility also likely brings greater business opportunities too.

Increasing in Numbers


It’s fascinating to consider the ripple effect this will have in the future. Again, an individual might have their main address in Encinitas, but share many others across the globe. Imagine what that does for their children. They truly become international citizens themselves. Not only does this provide them with obvious benefits, it will also help grow a stronger global community as well.

The survey we mentioned earlier found that 74% or respondents who had lived in at least five countries found that they had an increased sense of global participation. Again, this is most likely something that will be handed down to their children as well.

According to the survey, these people were also more likely to donate their time and money to countries around the world.



The Rise of the Multinational Lifestyle

Expect findings like the above to become all the more common as time goes on. Nearly half the people who were interviewed for this survey had already lived in at least two countries and many had six or more to their name.

~ Cherie Young ~

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Carlsbad Luxury Homes – Where Do Millionaires Shop?

Where do millionaires shop?
Search for Carlsbad Luxury Homes.  When it comes to millionaires, many of us suffer under a number of misconceptions.  Most seem to think they all live in big mansions, drive the biggest, fastest cars and would never dream of being caught dead in a department store. The truth, though, is that millionaires are probably far more “normal”, on average, than we give them credit for. Consider the three stores they’re most likely to shop at as just one telling example.

According to a recent survey by The Shullman Research Center, 62% of American millionaires claim that their favorite place to shop is online at Now, perhaps it’s because they simply can’t stand to be around peasants like you and me, but there are a number of other reasons that would make sense as well.

Obviously, Amazon is well known for the amount of convenience it offers, something just about everyone enjoys about the online goliath. However, consider too that they offer just about everything under the sun. No matter what your particular tastes are, then, you can find it there.

Another interesting aspect of this result is that 64% of millionaire Millennials named Amazon, while that number fell to 41% for the Gen X crowd. Baby Boomers, however, were most passionate about the store with 67% saying they preferred it.


Here’s a result most people probably didn’t see coming. Just because you have at least a million dollars in the bank doesn’t mean you want to overspend on socks. That’s one interpretation, anyway, of why so many millionaires said they love Wal-Mart.

However, the numbers are far lower than with Amazon. Only 48% of Millenials put it in their top 10. Gen Xers came next with 49% and then Boomers with 55%. Amongst Gen X shoppers, though, Wal-Mart was the favorite destination.


Another eye-opener may be Target. Once again, millionaires may have frugalness to thank for at least a portion of their savings. This was one of the least favorite places for Gen Xers, though, with only 28% of those surveyed saying it would make their top 10 list of places to shop. Baby Boomers preferred it the second most with 58% and Millenials seemed lukewarm on the matter with just 43%.

Other Findings

Other interesting results were Costco, which once again suggests the rich don’t necessarily enjoy overspending if they don’t have to. eBay also seems to make the same point. However, like Amazon, it could also have something to do with the absurd selection they can depend on as well.
The rest of the top 10 were filled out by, in descending order of popularity:
• Best Buy (38%)
• Macy’s (37%)
• Costco (35%)
• Home Depot (33%)
• Lowe’s (33%)
• eBay (31%)
• JC Penny (29%)

The least favorite place for Millennials was Home Depot. For Gen X shoppers it was JC Penny and for Baby Boomers, it was eBay.
If there are takeaways here it’s that Generation X is unique when compared to those born right before and after them and that, despite all their money, millionaires tend to shop a lot like the rest of us.


~ Cherie Young ~

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$1,000,000 Closet Caper Raises Question of Home Insurance

Encinitas Real Estate


Everyone likes the idea of having a home full of expensive possessions, but it’s important to recognize that this also demands your Encinitas home is protected with top of the line security and further backed by insurance. Recently, a Houston woman appeared on Good Morning America to show off her 3,000 square foot walk-in closet, complete with all her expensive accessories. Later that day, after the woman left her home, the closet was broken into and, allegedly, $1 million in property was stolen.

Do You Need High-End Encinitas Home Insurance?

It’s important to appreciate that there’s a difference between homeowners insurance and the kind you need if you plan on keeping a small fortune on the premises. What you want is an insurance company that, upon the loss or destruction of your expensive items, will actually replace them to the best of their abilities. If someone were to steal an antique watch, for example, they would search the globe to find an exact replica.

How Much More Will I Pay?

The good news is that in many cases, it would appear as though this type of insurance will actually cost you less to insure your Encintas real estate. In fact, experts say that regarding Encinitas homes worth a million or more, it’s always more affordable to go with high-end insurance which will actually be more affordable than the conventional option.

Where Can I Find this Type of Insurance?

California ShoesNot all insurance companies offer the high-end option. In fact, in the U.S., only five companies exist that specialize in providing home owners insurance for expensive properties. And when it comes to high-end insurance, you definitely want to go with a specialty company.

However, these companies generally don’t work with individuals. Instead, you’ll need to go through a broker who will help you get in contact with these insurers and negotiate a fair price for your needs. In order to do this, the broker will have to ask you a number of questions and get a feel for the insurance your property demand.

What Kind of Property Is Covered?

All kinds of Encinitas property can be covered under this type of policy—it will largely depend on the specific one you go with and the company you decide on.

Most personal belongings, though, would be considered covered like purses, clothes, furniture, consumer electronics and more. Again, though, the amount of coverage you’ll have will vary. For many situations, only a certain amount of your, say, jewelry would be covered and there may even be a percentage deductable added on. So for $100,000 loss, you might be charged a 1% deductible and only receive $60,000 back in compensation.

Umbrella Policies

Lastly, umbrella policies are an added layer of protection that also helps out in the worst case scenario. Often, they come into play when someone gets sued for a lot of money. $500 is often all it takes to have a million dollar umbrella policy helping you fight back.

If you’re going to live a high-end lifestyle, be sure you have the insurance to go with it too.

~ Cherie Young ~

Skies Not So Friendly for San Diego REALTOR® Drones – FAA Notice!

San Diego Drone


With just barely a decade finished in the 21st century, we’ve already seen a number of mind-blowing developments unravel where technology is involved. Of them, the development of private drones may be one of the most impressive. We now have the technology to allow average citizens to fly an aircraft via remote control high up into the sky and have it immediately relay video to a live feed. While it may have a lot of us excited, though, the FAA has stepped up to quell the anticipation of many.




San Diego REALTOR® Drones

No, we’re not talking about androids capable of staging and selling Carlsbad real estate. Instead, many San Diego REALTORS® were using drones to take affordable, yet detailed, pictures of the Carlsbad properties they were trying to sell.

While this may seem like a perfectly logical use for drones—perhaps one of the only ones—the FAA begs to differ. They recently clarified that these drones can only be used for hobby or recreation purposes. Using these drones for commercial activities or to support activities that would lead to profit is strictly verboten according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Other Uses

Although the recent announcement by the FAA specifically mentions REALTORS®, it’s important to understand that this was a unique release. However, the rules cover all commercial purposes. If you’ve been using a drone for marketing purposes of any sort or any other reason with financial help as a result, the FAA may come after you.

Subpoenas Releases

This wasn’t an idle threat either. The FAA has already issued a number of subpoenas to REALTORS® who had been using drones for these purposes. For the most part, it seemed to be REALTORS®  in New York who were using aerial shots to better capture the beauty of living in the Hamptons.

To be clear, these subpoenas don’t carry charges. But they do ask that the REALTORS® explain themselves to the authorities and clarify what purpose they have been using drones for. If it was for financial gain, then they will more than likely face a fine. At the very least, it will be made perfectly clear they cannot take part in this practice again.

Going Forward

It far from ends there, though. In their release the FAA also pointed out that anyone using drones are subject to current FAA regulations. This would encompass other activities like no fly zones and proper operation.

However, they were also quick to point out that those who use drones are also subject to any future laws that might be passed as well.

Those who wish to continue with this risky practice would do well to have their drone covered by liability insurance, just in case the policy is necessary because of a mishap while flying. On top of that, though, you’ll also want the contact number for a good attorney as the FAA is not known to take matters like these lightly.

Should San Diego REALTOR® drones be subject to such laws? That will no doubt be part of the ongoing discussion as the 21st century continues its digital progress.


~ Cherie Young ~




Encinitas Real Estate – Does Home Financing Make Sense?

Encinitas Real Estate
One huge step when it comes to buying an Encinitas home is financing it. This is usually the most dreaded, least-exciting step of the process and for good reason. Just like your Encinitas home, your mortgage is going to stay with you for decades to come and it doesn’t care if you lose your job or have high medical bills.Unless you want to risk a foreclosure, you need to take this step very carefully. One option to consider is owner financing.

The Main Reason to Consider

Since the financial crisis, the U.S. government became more restrictive about lending requirements in an attempt to make sure only the most qualified could own Encinitas real estate and, thus, help ensure so many bankruptcies and foreclosures wouldn’t happen again. The problem is that they may have gone too far in that now many very qualified applicants are finding they can’t get a loan.

That’s no random assertion either. According to the National Association of REALTORS, these new requirements may have stopped as many as 15% of potential home buyers from following through on their purchases.

What Does Owner Financing Entail?

As the name suggests, home financing basically means that the owner of the home handles the majority of the financing themselves and, thus, holds the buyer’s note—or at least most of it.

Essentially, the owner takes the place of the bank and provides the buyer with a kind of mortgage. All it takes to do this is a specific legal document that will bind the two parties together. It’s no different than other contracts in this regard.


The main benefit to the owner is that they can sell their Encinitas property during a bad market. These restrictions don’t just hold back buyers, obviously, they’re also hurting people who want to sell homes. By going with an option that isn’t controlled by such regulations, sellers can finally move on from homes they don’t want.

This also means buyers can get homes when they may have otherwise been restricted from doing so. Terms tend to be much more favorable too. A buyer who can’t afford a sizable down payment may be considered a renter until they’ve paid enough to equal a down payment and then begin acting like a traditional mortgagee.

Potential Risks

Every Crayon

Of course, both parties need to consider what could go wrong. There’s a lot of money involved in this arrangement, to say the least. For one thing, the buyer could simply stop making payments. They could leave the home or even damage it before taking off.

The buyer, on the other hand, could find out that the seller doesn’t actually have ownership of clear title to the property. Their owner financing could also turn out to be tied to the owner’s adjustable rate loan, which would be it becomes more expensive over time.

There are too many benefits tired to owner financing to completely ignore this option. However, you still want to make sure you weigh out the scenario like you would with any other big decision so you don’t wind up getting burned.

~ Cherie ~

Installing Encinitas Home Security Systems for Better Property Valuation


There are a number of reasons it makes sense to have an Encinitas home security system installed. Obviously, you want your loved ones to be safe. However, you also want your things properly looked after in the event that someone breaks in while you’re not around. Either way, don’t forget that installing a security system is also a great way to get a better value for your property.

Encinitas Home Security

As we mentioned, most people install a system in their Encinitas home because they want to make sure the most important part of their life—their loved ones—remain safe at all times. This means having a system that will sound the alarm if someone were to try to break into your home.

Of course, as everyone has this need in common—to keep their family safe—you can expect a high-end security system to be a real selling point when you put your property on the market. After all, who cares how great the kitchen looks if the house isn’t even safe to begin with?

Monitoring and Surveillance

A simple alarm is a good idea, but it’s far from the end of the road in terms of your options. Nowadays, you can also get monitoring and surveillance systems that will keep an eye on your home even when you’re away. For one thing, this can deter criminals right off the bat. It can also help you find out who broke into your home if the worst were ever to happen.

However, these days, you can also get apps on your phone that allow you to see what’s going on at your house at all times. This is great for peace of mind when you’re going to be away for days on end. Even if you’re just at work all day, but you know your kids are home alone, having such an app means you always know they’re safe.

Keep an eye on your home with these two ridiculously simple surveillance apps.

Don’t Forget the Basics

It’s easy to get caught up in all the high-tech, high-end gadgets out there and forget how important the fundamentals of home safety are too. Obviously, you should teach your kids about answering the door to strangers and not letting anyone in.

However, make sure you also have secure locks on your windows. Your door locks should be reinforced as well. If you have a garage door code box, it needs to be one that can’t just be re-wired and your family must keep the code safe.

Like the other advice, checking all these boxes on your security items list will not only ensure that you have a safer home, it will mean having one that is also more valuable to potential buyers. Few features can say the same, so consider taking stock of your Encinitas property as it is and thinking about investing in its future.

A safer home isn’t just a better home for you and your loved ones. It also means getting more in the Encinitas real estate market. Fortunately, these days, security systems can be affordable and easily installed.

~ Cherie Young ~




Finding the Right Size Carlsbad Home for You

Carlsbad Home There are countless things to consider when it comes to buying a Carlsbad home. However, one of the most essential may be how big a Carlsbad house you actually want. Just because you can afford a mansion doesn’t mean that would be a practical choice you wouldn’t regret later. Instead, think about the following Carlsbad home sizes you may want to consider.

Think Ahead

First, we have to address how your Carlsbad real estate needs may change in the future. Provided you plan on staying in your current city, you need to think about if you have any plans to have children, more children or otherwise add to your family (perhaps by having a parent move in). Do you have pets or want to in the future? If you do plan on having kids, remember that they are most likely going to want to have friends over at different points. Things like sleepovers and what not require more space than just your children take up.

Consider the Carlsbad Home Loan

dreamers Without a doubt, the bigger the Carlsbad home, the higher the mortgage is usually going to be. You need to consider how this will affect you over time. Just because you can afford a sizable down payment now plus your closing costs doesn’t mean you’ll be able to manage that same mortgage payment year-in and year-out. Plus, remember that you need to think ahead. If you add to your family, that’s going to mean some pretty serious overhead.

Remember Utilities Too

Bigger Carlsbad homes are also going to cost a lot more to keep comfortable throughout the year. If they’re older, you can bet it’s going to really run up your bill. This means that a smaller Carlsbad house could actually cost you more to heat and cool if it’s older than a much bigger one.

Maintenance Demands

How much space are you willing to maintain on a regular basis? You don’t want to get a home that’s so big that you constantly need to spend hours a day in order to keep it looking nice. If you don’t take on these chores, though, your home will collect dust or otherwise start looking worse for wear. The solution, then, is to decide how much maintenance you’re willing to carry out on a daily basis. The same goes for your yard, of course. Even a small Carlsbad property can be a lot of work if you have sprawling yard that constantly needs to be addressed. Obviously, this also means paying a good amount in fuel costs to mow every year.

Other Considerations

Do you work from home? Might you someday? Does your hobby require a room of its own? Do you like to play pool, darts or air hockey? All these personal preferences and more are things you need to consider if you want to end up with a home that will be right for you and your family’s unique personalities. So before you go paying for Carlsbad real estate you might not completely love, be sure to consider the above. It will ensure you end up with a house that is just the right size. ~ Cherie Young ~

Does a New Carlsbad Home Equal an Improved Sex Life?

Carlsbad Real Estate


They say that the greatest aphrodisiac out there is confidence. The better you feel about yourself, the better your loved one is going to feel about you too. There’s nothing sexy about a person who has low self-esteem.

One great way to bolster your confidence is with a new Carlsbad home. For one, it should put a real feather in your cap as locking down a Carlsbad house can be a real challenge. Secondly, it’s the Carlsbad home you want, which is bound to put a skip in your step. Thirdly, this home probably takes care of a lot of problems you had in the past with your other house. Now that those problems aren’t weighing on your mind throughout the day, you can focus on being confident.


Carlsbad HomeAnother turn-on for most people is intelligence. By making the right financial choice where your home is concerned, it’s hard not to feel like your brain grew a bit. Any lover is going to be drawn to that type of intellect.

Of course, this also leads back to the first aspect. Who doesn’t feel good about themselves when they also feel intelligent? With this momentous decision locked away and made for all the right reasons, you’re definitely going to feel more confident than you have before.

Be sure you consider all the ways a home purchase can be an intelligent choice too. Look for things like energy-efficient options and reliable fixtures so you’re saving even more money down the road.

Get a Fresh Start

By moving into a new home in Carlsbad, you’ll also automatically feel like hitting the re-start button on your sex drive. This can be for a number of reasons, but one will probably have to do with how much stuff you end up getting rid of. De-cluttering your Carlsbad property can be a lot of fun to do with your partner and bring you closer together. All that foreplay usually only amounts to one thing.

Buying New Furniture

Speaking of which, most new homes also mean new furniture. So now ‘s the time to get busy thinking about the items you’ll want to get busy on. From couches to the bed itself, this can also be a very fun way to begin revamping your sex drive. Once you purchase all your necessary items, you’ll definitely want to test them out.

Always Consider Your Partner

First, never buy Carlsbad real estate because you want more or better sex. That’s a pretty expensive gamble. So make sure you talk the idea through with your spouse so you know what to expect. Also, don’t automatically assume this new house will lead to sex. Talk these issues through with your loved one to ensure you’ll both enjoy the move and all the moves that follow.

Buying a new home in Carlsbad is always a big step, but it can be a lot of fun. This is especially true when such a financial action leads to more action in the bed.

~ Cherie Young ~