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Livability in Carlsbad

Getting up close and personal with Livability in Carlsbad


Paradise. There really isn’t a better word to capture Carlsbad, California, or as the locals like to call it, “the Village by the Sea.”

Located just 90 miles south of Los Angeles in San Diego County, Carlsbad is home to over 100,000 people and many more visitors who make the quaint seaside village their vacation destination every year, for good reason.

First of all, it’s extraordinarily beautiful. The breathtaking views and scenery look as if it’s taken straight from a postcard, and the locals are friendly, accommodating people who go out of their way to make tourists and visitors feel right at home.

Carlsbad is a city on the rise, and recent economic developments and infrastructure improvements have made this village the “go to” spot for travelers and anyone looking for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Simply put, Carlsbad has it all. Luxury resorts, fine dining and numerous entertainment options are available on every corner and in every quadrant of the city.

Designed to enhance the community and improve traffic flow, livable streets have been welcomed with open arms by locals and visitors alike.

What exactly are livable streets?

The name speaks for itself and it’s exactly as it sounds. Livable streets, also called complete streets, are designed to not only accommodate vehicle travel, but pedestrian and bicycle travel as well.

While many communities design their streets and roadways to accommodate vehicle traffic flow, the village of Carlsbad has gone a step further by designing their streets to accommodate all forms of travel, bicycle and pedestrian included. It’s been a boon not only for the people who call Carlsbad home, but for the business district as well.

Business representatives are reporting increased sales and profits simply because it’s easier for shoppers to get there. Known for the healthy lifestyles of its residents, many shoppers are now walking or cycling to shops and are much more apt to visit a store if they don’t have to take 20 minutes to simply find a parking spot.

Additionally, and even more importantly, the streets are designed with a strong focus on safety for anyone living and visiting in Carlsbad. By designing streets to accommodate not only vehicles, but pedestrians and bicyclists as well, the community has enhanced and enriched the overall Carlsbad experience.

Traffic features such as roundabouts, narrower streets and median aisles have greatly improved the traffic flow by allowing vehicles to continuously flow through intersections. In turn, roadways have been made safer for both vehicles and pedestrians, who are crossing much shorter intersections.

Get to know a community on the rise

Riding bikes in Carlsbad

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting from Point A to Point B. By identifying numerous core values, the community of Carlsbad has made that experience easy, enjoyable and safe through the use of livable streets. Come see for yourself and plan your trip to Carlsbad, where nothing but clean air and opportunity await you.



Carlsbad Real Estate – What Happens to the Title After a Homeowner Dies?

beautiful arches in san diego

No one likes to think of material possessions at a time like this, but it has to be done. One example of this is the title to a home. When the homeowner dies, you may be wondering what happens to it.

The Leftover Spouse

First, let’s address the situation where a spouse may be left behind, as this is often the case. Despite conventional wisdom, that spouse doesn’t automatically inherit the title. Many times this question comes up because a parent is worried about whether or not they will be able to pass on their Carlsbad home (assuming they get to keep it) to their children. This is never an automatic and is something the parent will need to distinguish. We’ll cover that in a moment.

What happens to the title will depend on the way the property was owned.

Sole Owner

Simply means one person owns the property. Their will should designate what happens to the title, otherwise it falls to the jurisdiction.

Tenants in Common

In this arrangement, two or more people hold the title. However, this doesn’t mean that they own it equally. A lot of times it’s a 50/50 arrangement, but other versions, like 90/10, etc. are common too. When one of them passes away, their piece of the property goes to their estate, which will decide what happens to it.

Joint Tenants

As the name suggests, this arrangement involves two parties owning a party jointly, thus they both have equal rights to the title. When one person dies, the rest of the property is automatically transferred to the other person. Many states require specific language in order to enforce this kind of living situation, but often the requirement isn’t overly stringent if someone passes away.

Tenants by the Entireties

Girls on Carlsbad BeachThis arrangement is a lot like joint tenants except that it’s reserved for married couples. With the laws that have gone into affect lately, it may extend to same sex couples, but you’ll need to check with state law—even if gay marriage has been legalized, it’s worth checking.  Here’s an article on joint tenants for gay couples.

As with join tenants, if one spouse dies, the other automatically takes control of the title. No probate is required, as this is put into effect by the law automatically.

So the answer to what happens to a title after the homeowner dies has a lot to do with how the property was owned when the title holder was still alive. This is a good thing to check while you’re still living and it’s also something you should probably put in your will. Except in a couple exceptions outlined above, if you’re not explicit about your wishes for your property, the law will decide which will depend on the jurisdiction the property was based in. Find a qualified estates attorney and you should have nothing to worry about.

If you are in need of help selling your Carlsbad home, please feel free to call me (760) 994-0813.

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Carlsbad Homes – The Green Way to Clean Your Bathroom

Carlsbad House in the Neighborhood

Search for Carlsbad Homes.  Most people today make it a priority to at least to try to keep the environment around them clean. While this is an admirable endeavor, many people simply don’t realize how much their common habits have a negative impact on the world around them. Even something as simple as cleaning your bathroom could have unintended consequences if you don’t start coming at it from a green perspective. Below are some simple ways you can get a cleaner bathroom while still being respectful of our planet.


No one wants mildew in their bathroom. Not only does it look unappealing, but it also leaves a very unpleasant smell when it forms. Unfortunately, many of the conventional methods for cleaning it depend on very aggressive acids and other chemicals, a lot of times getting rid of mildew means hurting the environment in a serious way.

So, the first thing you should focus on is simply stopping mildew from forming in the first place. The best thing you can do is to make sure your bathroom is always properly ventilated. That’s because mildew forms as a result of heat, moisture and poor ventilation. Those first two things are always going to be part of your bathroom, so focus on the third.

However, if it does form or you’re already dealing with it, all you need is white vinegar and some tea tree oil. Mix a cup of the former with five drops of the latter and you’re ready to go. Apply it with a spray bottle and then allow it to sit before working it over with a sponge.


Rust is always a huge problem. It looks horrible and it also destroys whatever it forms on. Once again, proper ventilation will help solve this problem before it ever starts. If you see it forming, fortunately, all you need is a fresh lemon. Apply the juices to it and you’ll see the superficial layer dissolve in no time.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains always develop hygiene issues over time. Most people simply throw them away though, as they think trying to clean them would take too much work. This couldn’t be less true though. All you need to do is apply some baking soda to it and you can scrub your curtains back into working shape in no time and you’ll be recycling at the same time.

Here’s a way save money on your water bill.  Mother Earth will smile when you go green with this shower curtain.  This inflatable shower curtain inflates after 4 minutes.  Here are some ideas for eco friendly shower curtains.

Tile, Toilet Bowl and Sink

Obviously, these are all important parts of your bathroom. While they only serve an aesthetic quality, if your tile starts to lose its natural appearance, it will become glaringly obvious. Soap scum and grout can really become an eyesore.

Clearly, your toil isn’t the cleanest place in the home either. Nonetheless, no one wants to have to deal with a dirty one. The same goes for the sink.

All you need for these areas is vinegar. A little white vinegar goes a long way. Cut it with some water to kill the smell and then get to work. Your bathroom will look great when you’re done. Also, you can combine it with baking soda to break up clogged drains in no time.

I care about our beaches.  Our cleaning products get dumped into the ocean and simple steps to be more eco friendly go a long way.   It would be an honor to help you in the sale of your home.  Please call 760.994.0813 for any questions.

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San Diego Realtors® Like Hawk Program but Want More Reforms

San Diego Real Estate

Search for San Diego Real Estate – One of the main focuses of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is to help first time homebuyers get their piece of the American dream by finding a quality home they can afford. To that end, HUD recently unveiled their latest effort: a counseling program for first time homebuyers that serves the express purpose of helping lower mortgage insurance premiums for those making their first purchase.

It’s being called HAWK, Homeowners Armed with Knowledge.

National Association of REALTORS® React

While HUD clearly knows their stuff, another organization with an opinion that matters is The National Association of REALTORS®. After reviewing the pilot program, their reaction was mostly positive, although they did submit a letter that expressed some lingering concerns. Foremost amongst them was that they don’t believe HAWK will actually meet its goal of reducing costs.

FHA Premium Reductions and Other Problems

San Diego REALTORTheir main point of contention seems to be that the program will not adequately help reduce costs because FHA fees are still left intact. As it stands, close to 20% of a homeowner’s monthly mortgage goes to pay off their FHA fees. As the National Association of Realtors was quick to point out, FHA is already in line to both meet and exceed their own capital reserve requirements by the end of the next fiscal year.

This, then, begs the question, why not reduce those costs? It would both save homeowners money and wouldn’t have a deleterious effect on the FHA as they’ve already proven they don’t have any financial concerns at the moment.

Aside from sticking buyers with unnecessary costs, the Association also pointed out that these challenging fees could also dissuade would-be buyers from making their first purchase.

Plus, the program calls for counseling which will cost money as well. So a first time homebuyer needs to pay an unnecessary premium plus submit to at least 90 days of counseling they need to pay for. This is on top of any other classes or fees they may need to pay just to get their mortgage in the first place.

Furthermore, NAR pointed out that programs should also be offered or extended to repeat buyers. They need Carlsbad homes too and probably present a far greater risk in terms of being able to complete counseling and pay any costs.

Time Requirements of the Program



Another concern NAR had was about how much time it would take for buyers to get through the counseling program. One huge issue would be renters who discontinue their lease because they have a targeted move in date for their new Carlsbad home. If they find out they can’t see a counselor until after their lease is up, they’ll be stuck with quite the dilemma.

While the program certainly seems to come with the best of intentions, the NAR clearly points out some glaring problems that will occur if it were rolled out tomorrow. Hopefully, HUD takes their advice seriously and refines the HAWK program. Otherwise, it could end up doing more harm than good.

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Mistakes That Hurt Your Carlsbad Home’s Value

San Diego Skyline from Shelter Island # 6

Selling your Carlsbad home is always a big step, but most people are optimistic when it means moving into a better arrangement. Nonetheless, even the most optimistic need to be sure about what they’re doing as far as their Carlsbad home is concerned. Otherwise, they could be very disappointed by the price they’re able to get for it. In today’s market, it’s more important than ever before that you know how to avoid making mistakes that will devalue your Carlsbad real estate. Below are some common mistakes to watch out for.

Trying To Be Too Trendy


This one can often be a tough mistake to avoid. Everyone wants to be trendy, after all. The reasons trends take off in the first place is because whatever they’re about is something people are generally fond of.

The problem is that trends eventually go out of fashion. And then what? You’re stuck with some minimalist fireplace that looked really great for three years, but is no long considered “cool.” It’s an easy mistake to make and a costly one too. Because now when Carlsbad homebuyers tour your residents, they’re going to see that trend and start thinking about what it will cost to get rid of it.

Again, this is tough to avoid. If you spot a trend you really like, go for it if it will make your Carlsbad house feel more like home. However, if you plan on selling in the next couple of years, it might be smart to hold off.


Forgetting About Your Appliances

This is another easy mistake to make. Obviously, we all make use of our appliances. Many of them probably get used almost daily. So it can be easy to forget that you may have had an appliance for 10 or 15 years. When homebuyers visit, again, they’re only going to be able to think about how much it will cost to get new ones.

Even if you have appliances that are much younger, be sure you keep them clean and running well. There’s no excuse to let newer appliances fall by the wayside and convince would be buyers to keep looking.

Overheating the Home

When you’re moving to a new home, it makes sense that you’re trying to save every penny. So if you’re not using your home, obviously you’re not going to have the heat on, right? Well, if you’re staging your home then, no, you should absolutely have the air on. The last thing you want is a buyer being uncomfortable in your home in any way. If it’s a hot summer day, they might not realize that the home is uncomfortable because you’re pinching pennies. They may just think it’s a home that’s not worth their time.

Letting Tiny Issues Go

There are no tiny issues when you’re selling your Carlsbad home. For one thing, people are going to assume that any mistake they find is indicative of other ones they can’t see. Plus, it just shows you don’t care, which is never a good look.

This might seem like a lot to remember, but it can make all the difference in the world. Watch out for these mistakes and your asking price will benefit.

~ Cherie Young ~



Carlsbad Homes – How to Maintain Your Drains

Although you can’t usually see them, arguably the most important feature of your home is the drains. If they ever stop working, you’ll definitely know about it, that’s for sure. This is why it’s so important that you maintain them in working condition or the consequences can be very frustrating and expensive, to say the least. Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be difficult to do. Below are some easy steps to follow to ensure that your drains keep performing all year round.

Add Hot Water

Baby washes the feet of a drain pipe.


In the winter, be sure to run a little hot water down your drains for a few minutes from time to time. This is a great way of keeping them nice and warm so they don’t freeze. Even when the temperature in your home is kept warm, the subterranean pipes may be reaching freezing temperatures without you even knowing it. This is especially important if you’ve been away for a while and the heat wasn’t on.

However, your drains may still be under siege even in the warmer months. For example, if you ever wash out any pots or pans with grease in them, it’s essential that hot water follows next to ensure the grease makes it into the sewer system instead of sticking around to cause a clog.

For best results, just add some vinegar and baking soda to the mix. The combination, plus warm water, will clean out your drain at any time, but it’s especially important that you do this when grease has been involved.

You can check Yelp Carlsbad for local drainage experts.



Check Your Bathtub

Although the tub is where we go to get clean, the aftermath can leave drains clogged and in a vulnerable position. This is why you need to regularly check the drain for hair, soap and fluids that may be blocking water.

Of course, much of the problem may be too far down the drain for you to see. That’s why you should once again use water and baking soda to clean the drain out periodically. Then clean the entire area.

When water is draining normally, you shouldn’t be having any issues. Nonetheless, it’s still a good idea to run this routine every now and then.

Stay Away from Harsh Chemicals

The reason we advocate using so many natural ingredients like baking soda and vinegar is because they are not only effective but kind to your drains too. Using store bought chemicals often get the job done, but they also harm the pipes themselves. Over time, this can cause huge problems.

Call in the Professionals

Sometimes, the above solutions simply won’t cut it. If you try them and you’re not seeing results, it’s time to call in the professionals before something really bad happens.

However, it’s also a good idea to call in the professionals from time to time simply to get your plumbing inspecting. This is a great way to catch problems before they ever start.

Although they’re not the most glamorous component of your home, the pipe system is no less important. Follow the above advice to ensure they’re always getting the attention they deserve.


~ Cherie Young ~

Pending Home Sales Surge in May

WASHINGTON (June 30, 2014) — Pending home sales rose sharply in May, with lower mortgage rates and increased inventory accelerating the market, according to the National Association of Realtors®. All four regions of the country saw increases in pending sales, with the Northeast and West experiencing the largest gains.

The Pending Home Sales Index,* a forward-looking indicator based on contract signings, increased 6.1 percent to 103.9 in May from 97.9 in April, but still remains 5.2 percent below May 2013 (109.6). May’s 6.1 percent increase was the largest month-over-month gain since April 2010 (9.6 percent), when first-time home buyers rushed to sign purchase contracts before a popular tax credit program ended.

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, expects improving home sales in the second half of the year. “Sales should exceed an annual pace of five million homes in some of the upcoming months behind favorable mortgage rates, more inventory and improved job creation,” he said. “However, second-half sales growth won’t be enough to compensate for the sluggish first quarter and will likely fall below last year’s total.”

Beautiful San Diego Beach Sunset

Beautiful San Diego Beach Sunset

Despite the positive gains in signed contracts last month, Yun cautions that affordability and access to credit is still an area of concern for first-time home buyers, who accounted for only 27 percent of existing-home sales1 in May and typically carry student loan debt and lower credit scores.

“The flourishing stock market the last few years has propelled sales in the higher price brackets, while sales for homes under $250,000 are 10 percent behind last year’s pace. Meanwhile, apartment rents are expected to rise 8 percent cumulatively over the next two years because of tight availability,” said Yun. “Solid income growth and a slight easing in underwriting standards are needed to encourage first-time buyer participation, especially as renting becomes less affordable.”

The PHSI in the Northeast jumped 8.8 percent to 86.3 in May, and is now 0.2 percent above a year ago. In the Midwest the index rose 6.3 percent to 105.4 in May, but is still 6.6 percent below May 2013.

Pending home sales in the South advanced 4.4 percent to an index of 117.0 in May, and is 2.9 percent below a year ago. The index in the West rose 7.6 percent in May to 95.4, but remains 11.1 percent below May 2013.

Yun expects existing-homes sales to be down 2.8 percent this year to 4.95 million, compared to 5.1 million sales of existing homes in 2013. The national median existing-home price is projected to grow between 5 and 6 percent this year and in the range of 4 to 5 percent in 2015.

The National Association of Realtors®, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s largest trade association, representing 1 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.

# # #

person-change-life1May first-time home buyers data is from a monthly survey for NAR’s Realtors® Confidence Index.
*The Pending Home Sales Index is a leading indicator for the housing sector, based on pending sales of existing homes. A sale is listed as pending when the contract has been signed but the transaction has not closed, though the sale usually is finalized within one or two months of signing.

The index is based on a large national sample, typically representing about 20 percent of transactions for existing-home sales. In developing the model for the index, it was demonstrated that the level of monthly sales-contract activity parallels the level of closed existing-home sales in the following two months.

An index of 100 is equal to the average level of contract activity during 2001, which was the first year to be examined. By coincidence, the volume of existing-home sales in 2001 fell within the range of 5.0 to 5.5 million, which is considered normal for the current U.S. population.

NOTE:  Existing-home sales for June will be reported July 22, the next Pending Home Sales Index will be July 28; release times are 10:00 a.m. EDT.

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San Diego Real Estate – Prices Keep Rising

The median price of single-family, re-sale homes reached its highest level since November 2007.

Since the beginning of the year, the 3-month moving average median price has gained 6%.

The rise in prices is pulling home owners out from under water. We can see this in the large increases in active listings over the past two months.

Rising inventory has ameliorated the rise in prices. After 17 out of 18 months with double-digit price increases, year-over-year, the last three months have produced only single-digit price increases.

Price increases should continue to slow for the rest of the year.

To read the full report: San Diego Real Estate Market Report

Trends at a Glance

(Single-family Homes)


Jun 14

May 14

Jun 13

Median Price:

$ 490,000

 $ 490,000

 $ 460,000

Average Price:

$ 620,491

 $ 620,491

 $ 583,384

Home Sales:




Pending Sales:








(Condos/Town Homes)

Median Price:

$ 335,000

 $ 340,000

 $ 310,000

Average Price:

$ 403,048

 $ 387,046

 $ 382,696

Condo Sales:




Pending Sales:








The Real Estate Report provides an automatic, easy to use, property analysis feature, a mini-CMA. You can access it in the Property Analysis tab. Input your address and get a list of properties around yours that have recently sold or are currently listed for sale, all on an easy to read map.


June Market StatisticsYear-Over-Year

  • Median home prices increased by 6.5% year-over-year to $490,000 from $460,000.
  • The average home sales price rose by 4.0% year-over-year to $620,491 from $596,738.
  • Home sales fell by 31.6% year-over-year to 1,698 from 2,482.
  • Total inventory* rose 26.8% year-over-year to 12,223 from 9,638.
  • Sales price vs. list price ratio fell by 1% year-over-year to 98.1% from 99.1%.
  • The average days on market fell by 12.3% year-over-year to 38 from 44.

Compared To Last Month

  • Median home prices improved by 3.2% to $490,000 from $475,000.
  • The average home sales price rose by 5.6% to $620,491 from $587,334.
  • Home sales down by 8.7% to 1,698 from 1,859.
  • Total inventory* increased 12.9% to 12,223 from 10,826.
  • Sales price vs. list price ratio increased by 0.2% to 98.1% from 97.9%.
  • The average days on market dropped by 9.9% to 38 from 42.



  • Median condo prices increased by 7.4% year-over-year to $335,000 from $312,000.
  • The average condo sales price rose by 5.3% year-over-year to $403,048 from $382,696.
  • Condo sales fell by 32.1% year-over-year to 586 from 863.
  • Total inventory* rose 22.1% year-over-year to 3,967 from 3,248.
  • Sales price vs. list price ratio fell by 2.3% year-over-year to 98.2% from 100.6%.
  • The average days on market fell by 17% year-over-year to 39 from 47.

* Total inventory includes active and pending listings.

Mortgage Rate Outlook

Global Issues To Press Rates Back Down

Classic Carlsbad HouseJuly 11, 2014 — Try as it may, even a faster-growing U.S. economy cannot overcome the drag of a troubled world, and interest rates continue to be tethered near recent lows. A strong jobs report last week was a capper for a string of pretty solid economic news, and mortgage rates ticked upward. This week, financial troubles in Portugal joined headlines of growing strife in the middle east, and we still have the political troubles in Ukraine simmering in the background.

Faced with times of stress, and in search of both safety and even higher yields than are available locally, investors continue to pour money into U.S.-backed debt, pressing yields lower even as growth and inflation seem to be picking up speed here. At times, the downward pressure for rates can even be intensified if equity markets have an off day or two, as was the case this week. The residual lift of the job report was sufficient to increase rates a little, but all indications are that the bump won’t last.

It would seem of late that every time mortgage rates appear to be gaining some traction to rise, something comes along and pulls them back. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s much to the benefit of homebuyers. At some point, something to pull them back will not magically appear, and we may see a push higher at that time. Could they actually go the other way, too? Possibly. Given sky-high stock valuations, any sort of sustained rout or “correction” for stock prices would tend to be a net benefit for bonds, and yields would slide, pulling mortgage rates down with them, at least for a time.

For the next week, though, we’ll have a larger and wider-ranging assortment of news to sift through, including the Fed’s Beige Book, a couple of looks at new housing markets, Retail Sales, and some inflation indicators. A busier week than this, to be sure, but we think that rates will probably stay stable, with an equal chance of a wobble upward or downward of a few basis points at most.

Foreclosure Statistics

inspirational-motivational-quotes-19Notices of default, the first step in the foreclosure process, in San Diego County were up 13.9% in June from May. Year-over-year, they were down 31.9%.

Notices of sale, which set the date and time of an auction, and serve as the homeowner’s final notice before sale, fell 3.6% from May, and they were down 19.5% year-over-year.

After the filing of a Notice of Trustee Sale, there are only three possible outcomes. First, the sale can be cancelled for reasons that include a successful loan modification or short sale, a filing error, or a legal requirement to re-file the notice after extended postponements.

Alternatively, if the property is taken to sale, the bank will place the opening bid. If a third party, typically an investor, bids more than the bank’s opening bid, the property will be sold to the third party; if not, it will go back to the bank and become part of that bank’s REO inventory.


In June, cancellations were down 8.4% from May, and they were down 65.2% year-over-year. There were 207 cancellations.

Properties going back to the bank were down 23.6% compared to May, and they were 2.9% compared to June 2013. Sixty-eight properties went back to the bank in June.

The total number of properties that have had a notice of default filed fell by 34.1% in June compared to June 2013. They were down 4.6% from May.

The total number of properties scheduled for sale rose 1.6% from May, and they declined 28.3%, year-over-year.

The total number of properties owned by banks fell 0.7% from May, and they were down 12.4% year-over-year. The banks now own approximately 2,151 properties in San Diego County.

For further details and a city-by-city breakdown of foreclosure statistics, go to

North County Coastal Stats At A Glance


  • Median home prices increased by 5.1% year-over-year to $599,000 from $570,000.
  • The average home sales price rose by 0.9% year-over-year to $821,587 from $814,046.
  • Home sales fell by 32.5% year-over-year to 526 from 779.
  • Active listings rose 30.9% year-over-year to 4,023 from 3,074.
  • Sales price vs. list price ratio fell by 0.7% year-over-year to 97.9% from 98.6%.
  • The average days on market rose by 0.1% year-over-year to 38 from 38.

Compared To Last Month

  • Median home prices improved by 7.9% to $599,000 from $555,000.
  • The average home sales price rose by 14.5% to $821,587 from $717,485.
  • Home sales Down by 6.6% to 526 from 563.
  • Active listings increased 13.2% to 4,023 from 3,553.
  • Sales price vs. list price ratio dropped by 0.1% to 97.9% from 98.0%.
  • The average days on market dropped by 3.2% to 38 from 39.

Remodeling Your Carlsbad Home

If you’re thinking of selling your Carlsbad home, you might be considering remodeling projects that will increase both its value and its curb appeal. It’s a great idea, but it’s important to understand upfront that the kinds of remodeling projects you choose has a larger effect than how much money you spend on them.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Carlsbad Homes for SaleIt’s human nature to use the information that’s right in front of your eyes and disregard facts that aren’t. However, out of sight, out of mind thinking can cost you big if you spend money on remodeling your Carlsbad home without an eye towards the invisible person in the room: The potential buyer.

If a homeowner splurges on a $50,000 kitchen remodeling project, they have the bill for the work right in front of them. Most can tell you to the penny what every carefully chosen finish, fixture, and appliance cost. That leads to the assumption that if it cost $50,000. it’s worth $50,000 in additional equity in the home. For almost any remodeling project you could undertake for Carlsbad real estate, that’s not the case. It’s important to know what the return on your investment in remodeling will be before you splurge on elegant and expensive renovations.

The largest mistake you can make when remodeling your Carlsbad home for sale, is lavishing money and attention on flashy remodeling and redecorations before you address any problems or shortcomings in the basic structure and systems of the house. According to figures compiled by Remodeling Magazine, homeowners will be much less likely to get back an investment in major kitchen remodeling or a bathroom remodel than if you spent the money on basic home maintenance like roofing, siding, painting, and making sure that the mechanical services a house depends upon for comfort and safety are up to date and in good working order.

Remodeling your Carlsbad home

Buyers Are Planning On Remodeling Anyway

Many potential buyers would be willing to live with outdated finishes and fixtures for a certain period of time after purchase as long as the house itself was in good repair. Over 70 percent of homebuyers who purchase existing homes plan on remodeling projects before they even close the deal on the house, and up to 40 percent did make those improvements within six months of closing on the house. These projects are mostly to fit out a home with the finishes and styles that a particular buyer might favor, not for major repairs of structure and systems that buyers expect to be in good repair when they purchase the house. For example, putting a new roof on a home before selling can increase the sale price by 96.3 percent of its cost. If you spend $25,000 on a kitchen remodel, you may indeed be able to recoup the majority of the cost upon resale, but only after all the other routine maintenance on he house is done. No one will pay you for new granite countertops if the leaky roof is dripping on them.

~ Cherie Young ~