Carlsbad Real Estate – The Benefits of Chalkboard Paint

  What Is Chalkboard Paint? When choosing painting surfaces for your Carlsbad real estate, there have never been so many options as there is today where paint is concerned. However, your children probably don’t care as much about the kind you choose. Fortunately, now there is chalkboard point and you can bet they’ll love seeing this option on the walls.As the name suggests, chalkboard paint is paint you can apply to any walls that will then function just like the surface of a chalkboard. It’s as easy as that. It makes for a great way to leave notes for your … READ MORE

The Best Ways to Buy Your First Carlsbad Home

But all of the choices and decisions you have to make can be overwhelming. Determining location, selecting the size and style of your Carlsbad home, figuring out how to obtain financing, and deciding what features to look for are just some of the tasks to tackle when buying your first home. Here are some tips to simplify the process and make it easier on you. Determine How Much You Can Afford Before you start looking for a Carlsbad home, determine how much house you can afford to buy and get pre-approved for a loan. You don’t want to spend countless … READ MORE

Encinitas Real Estate – Living Solo in Encinitas

More and more people are choosing to live solo and purchase Encinitas real estate, or find themselves living alone because of life circumstances, like divorce or death.  The number of young people choosing to live alone is ever increasing and the demand for housing for singletons is on the rise.  In addition, more and more seniors are living independently longer than ever before. In Encinitas, even if you live by yourself, you will never feel alone, because every day the city offers something new for its residents and visitors to experience.  Located close to North County Coastal areas, Encinitas is … READ MORE

Why is it still hard to get a Encinitas home loan?

It’s been six years since the stock market crash of 2008. Since then the economy in the U.S. slowly has been improving. Jobs are coming back. Locally, Encinitas real estate prices are on the rise. So why is it still hard to get a Encinitas home loan? In an attempt to prevent what happened leading up to the financial crisis in 2008, new regulations and policies were put into place regarding financing to purchase property and homes. Lenders today want more than your W-2’s and a tax return. You may be asked to provide voluminous amounts of financial information to … READ MORE

Encinitas Homes – Move up or Stay?

You’ve been in your Encinitas home a few years and things are starting to feel a little tight. When you first moved in you had no children; now you have two. There’s no more spare bedroom for your mother to use when she comes to visit because you converted it to a nursery. It seems like all of your friends and coworkers are moving into newer and bigger Encinitas real estate. Is it time for you to follow suit? Ask yourself the following questions to help you reach a decision.     Why do you want a bigger Encinitas home? … READ MORE

FICO Scoring Changes May Help More Qualify for Mortgages

FICO recently told lenders their high credit score “cutoffs” were stricter than necessary, and urged lenders to consider lowering minimum score requirements. The changes include reducing the toll that overdue medical bills can take on credit scores, as well as removing other past penalties from consumers who have paid off debts that had been assigned to collection agencies. A consumer whose only major delinquency comes from an unpaid medical bill could see their credit score rise by 25 points due to the changes. The changes come after a recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau study, which found that both paid and … READ MORE

Encinitas Real Estate as of 9-9-14

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