Livability in Carlsbad

Getting up close and personal with Livability in Carlsbad GET INSTANT ONLINE CARLSBAD HOME VALUE! Paradise. There really isn’t a better word to capture Carlsbad, California, or as the locals like to call it, “the Village by the Sea.” Located just 90 miles south of Los Angeles in San Diego County, Carlsbad is home to over 100,000 people and many more visitors who make the quaint seaside village their vacation destination every year, for good reason. First of all, it’s extraordinarily beautiful. The breathtaking views and scenery look as if it’s taken straight from a postcard, and the locals are … READ MORE

Carlsbad Real Estate – What Happens to the Title After a Homeowner Dies?

No one likes to think of material possessions at a time like this, but it has to be done. One example of this is the title to a home. When the homeowner dies, you may be wondering what happens to it. The Leftover Spouse First, let’s address the situation where a spouse may be left behind, as this is often the case. Despite conventional wisdom, that spouse doesn’t automatically inherit the title. Many times this question comes up because a parent is worried about whether or not they will be able to pass on their Carlsbad home (assuming they get … READ MORE

Carlsbad Homes – The Green Way to Clean Your Bathroom

Search for Carlsbad Homes.  Most people today make it a priority to at least to try to keep the environment around them clean. While this is an admirable endeavor, many people simply don’t realize how much their common habits have a negative impact on the world around them. Even something as simple as cleaning your bathroom could have unintended consequences if you don’t start coming at it from a green perspective. Below are some simple ways you can get a cleaner bathroom while still being respectful of our planet. Mildew No one wants mildew in their bathroom. Not only does … READ MORE

San Diego Realtors® Like Hawk Program but Want More Reforms

Search for San Diego Real Estate – One of the main focuses of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is to help first time homebuyers get their piece of the American dream by finding a quality home they can afford. To that end, HUD recently unveiled their latest effort: a counseling program for first time homebuyers that serves the express purpose of helping lower mortgage insurance premiums for those making their first purchase. It’s being called HAWK, Homeowners Armed with Knowledge. National Association of REALTORS® React While HUD clearly knows their stuff, another organization with an opinion that … READ MORE

Mistakes That Hurt Your Carlsbad Home’s Value

Selling your Carlsbad home is always a big step, but most people are optimistic when it means moving into a better arrangement. Nonetheless, even the most optimistic need to be sure about what they’re doing as far as their Carlsbad home is concerned. Otherwise, they could be very disappointed by the price they’re able to get for it. In today’s market, it’s more important than ever before that you know how to avoid making mistakes that will devalue your Carlsbad real estate. Below are some common mistakes to watch out for. Trying To Be Too Trendy This one can often … READ MORE

Carlsbad Homes – How to Maintain Your Drains

Although you can’t usually see them, arguably the most important feature of your home is the drains. If they ever stop working, you’ll definitely know about it, that’s for sure. This is why it’s so important that you maintain them in working condition or the consequences can be very frustrating and expensive, to say the least. Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be difficult to do. Below are some easy steps to follow to ensure that your drains keep performing all year round. Add Hot Water   In the winter, be sure to run a little hot water down your drains … READ MORE

Pending Home Sales Surge in May

WASHINGTON (June 30, 2014) — Pending home sales rose sharply in May, with lower mortgage rates and increased inventory accelerating the market, according to the National Association of Realtors®. All four regions of the country saw increases in pending sales, with the Northeast and West experiencing the largest gains. The Pending Home Sales Index,* a forward-looking indicator based on contract signings, increased 6.1 percent to 103.9 in May from 97.9 in April, but still remains 5.2 percent below May 2013 (109.6). May’s 6.1 percent increase was the largest month-over-month gain since April 2010 (9.6 percent), when first-time home buyers rushed … READ MORE

San Diego Real Estate – Prices Keep Rising

The median price of single-family, re-sale homes reached its highest level since November 2007. Since the beginning of the year, the 3-month moving average median price has gained 6%. The rise in prices is pulling home owners out from under water. We can see this in the large increases in active listings over the past two months. Rising inventory has ameliorated the rise in prices. After 17 out of 18 months with double-digit price increases, year-over-year, the last three months have produced only single-digit price increases. Price increases should continue to slow for the rest of the year. To read … READ MORE

Remodeling Your Carlsbad Home

If you’re thinking of selling your Carlsbad home, you might be considering remodeling projects that will increase both its value and its curb appeal. It’s a great idea, but it’s important to understand upfront that the kinds of remodeling projects you choose has a larger effect than how much money you spend on them. Keep Your Eye On The Prize It’s human nature to use the information that’s right in front of your eyes and disregard facts that aren’t. However, out of sight, out of mind thinking can cost you big if you spend money on remodeling your Carlsbad home … READ MORE