One Simple App Gives REALTOR® $13 Million

It goes without saying that San Diego REALTORS® need to leverage every route possible in order to sell as many San Diego homes as possible.  Unlike so many other professions, a REALTORS® check is never guaranteed until they make that next sale. One recent story showed the importance of using as many digital options as possible to ensure no opportunity gets away from you.

Social Media in the Digital Age

Everyone knows about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and other popular forms of social media. However, the truth is that there are too many social media platforms to name these days. Of course, there are only more on the way as well. Nonetheless, as a San Diego real estate agent, you absolutely have to do your best to use as many of these as possible to find prospects, properties and any other opportunities you can get your hands on.

A Recent Example Out of New York

WeChat-app-worldwideWho knows what Ye (Emma) Hao, a New York-based real estate agent with Douglas Elliman, expected when she joined WeChat. It’s a popular social media and messaging app from China, where millions have become accustomed to using it like the rest of us utilize Facebook.

One day, however, she received an unsolicited message from a Chinese citizen. It was an entrepreneur who contacted her because he was interested in the Baccarat Residences condo tower that is currently being built. When it’s done, the beautiful building will sit right across from the famous Museum of Modern Art located in Manhattan.

Being a good real estate agent, Hao was able to recognize this opportunity for what it was and contacted the Baccarat Residences, gathering the information her contact had requested. She then took these answers from the sales center and forwarded them to the entrepreneur. The next day, Hao gave him a phone call and negotiated not one, but two sales.

The first was for a $10.25 million apartment with three rooms located on the 39th floor. He also picked up a one bedroom unit that was on the 21st floor, good for another $3 million.

All in all, she netted $13 million from one contact, two deals, two days of work and two phone calls in all.

Using Apps

Hao has been on WeChat for two years now. Though it’s helped her close seven deals in all, this is obviously the biggest in her career. She was able to use the app to facilitate a confidential group meeting that included the buyer, his attorneys, herself and other relevant parties.

This is a good example of how amazing your results can be when you use today’s technology correctly. Apps are just one version, but it’s a huge one. Had it not been for her WeChat account, Hao may have very well lost the account. The entrepreneur may have decided to take his business to someone else who did use WeChat.

So make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin, but it’s vital that you get as many social media accounts as possible and then leverage them for all they’re worth where your San Diego real estate business is concerned.

~ Cherie Young ~

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